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Tail is a tribe of Kumandra. Far on the east of Kumandra lies Tail. This parched desert land grows drier by the year as the waters slowly recede. Its once busy dock is now a ghost town. The people of Tail live in scattered settlements. They are hardy folk who survive by reusing and recycling. Nothing goes to waste in Tail.

It is unknown who is the current chief of Tail, as the previous (unnamed) Chieftess of Tail is dead.


Raya and the Last Dragon[]

Tail resides at the very end of Kumandra’s Dragon River, but it actually serves as the first stop in the adventurous journey at the center of Raya and the Last Dragon. The princess of Heart describes Tail as a sweltering desert full of deadly mercenaries. By the time Raya gets there, most of the tribe is all but gone, having turned to stone or fled elsewhere. This was intentional, seeing as the movie's consultants wanted Tail to consists of "pockets of villages."

The rustic aesthetic was notably based on the Mekong River that runs through regions of Southeast Asia. Using the Dragon Scroll as a guide, Raya finds the river's end, where Sisu is said to be hiding. After begging for help, Sisu reveals herself before agreeing to help Raya on her journey. The pair head deeper into the caverns until they find the remains of Tail's leader holding onto the gem piece. Aside from escaping booby traps and a chase from Namaari, Raya and Namaari make it to the river with the help of Tuk Tuk (Alan Tudyk). Instead of going to shore and traveling through the desert, Raya hires the captain of the "Shrimporium," Boun (Izaac Wang, for a ride to the next destination.


"First... Tail. A sweltering desert with sneaky mercenaries who fight dirty." -Raya, to Benja.