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Serlot is a cat-like creature that is popularly or mostly seen with Fang Troops, Fang Warriors and Fang Members in general. Their personalities are mostly unknown, but they appear to be headstrong, quick, agile, and intelligent. They are mentioned to have a hatred for water, which can easily be taken advantage of, and are like our modern day feline partners.


Physical Appearances

The Serlot looks a lot like Caracals, which are orange-brown-wild cats with long ears and tufts on the end. Serlots appear to often be Gray-White-Black-Baige-Muscular cats that have very long ears that also have Tufts on the end. Namaari's cat has extremely long fangs, measuring to about an inch and a half long. The Fang warriors tend to ride on these cats a lot, which explains they are about the size of an adult tiger.


  • The Serlots design is inspired by the Serval and the Caracal.
  • The behavior of the Serlots possess several parallels to the domestic cat.