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Fang is a tribe of Kumandra


Physical Appearances and People[]

North of Heart on the kingdom of Kumandra's map is Fang, the most dangerous enemies in the eyes of Raya. Fang is the home of Namaari and her mother, Chieftess Virana (Sandra Oh). Known for being fierce assassins and having an affinity for cats, Fang used the effects of the Druun's return for their own prosperity. With a skilled army, Fang is meant to have a militaristic feel. The structures are vast and advanced compared to the other regions. They also have a canal, which helps lessen the threat of Druun because of the water supply. Rather than focusing on the fate of Kumandra as a whole, Fang makes decisions based on the specific tribe's future. However, that changes when Namaari joins Raya's mission.

Fang is situated at the head of the Dragon River. This thriving land is known for its proud royal family, its angular buildings, and its unfriendliness toward outsiders. The cat-loving people of Fang have dug a canal around their main city to keep others (and the Druun) out. They are all about power - not sharing. Fang has been living on their island for the past five hundred years.


"Fourth, Fang. Our fiercest enemy. A nation protected by angry assassins, and their even angrier cats." -Raya, to Benja.